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Our Mission

Establish Kuwait's Space Domain

Our Values


What are we Building?

A 2U CubeSat with Multi-Color Camera Payload.

The mission objective is to test if the camera can be used for attitude determination and control.

2U CubeSat

How are we verifying our work?

Using a flatsat test bed along with custom software.

Flat Sat

Capacity Building Program (over the whole 3 years)


Provide resources including training, education and infrastructures for young Kuwaitis to formulate a design using out of the shelf components, Integrate, launch and operate a CubeSat with a visible camera onboard.


Create a team of young Kuwaitis who are capable to formulate a design using out of the shelfs components, integrate, launch and operate a similar CubeSat as Kuwait CubeSat 1 100% independently in the future.


Promote space sciences and technologies for the public and encourage the young to peruse scientific and engineering careers.

Project Phases Timeline for Trainees

Phase A: Concept and Technology Development (December 2019 - January)

Trade off studies for commercially available subsystems. And Orbital Mechanics.

Phase B: Preliminary Design Formulation (February 2020 – May 2020)

Concept of Operation Mass, Volume, Power, Cost and integration plan, software.

First Directors

Dr. Hala AlJassar
Project Director
Dr. Yaser Abdulraheem
Academic Director
Dr. Ahmad AlKandri
Operational Director

Second Control Team

Eng. Ghanim AlOtaibi
Hamad AlHindi
Roshni Krishnan

Meet the Team

Abdulaziz AlEnezi
Abdullah AlKhatem
Aisha AlMudhahka
Ali AlDamkhi
Anfal Allenqawi
Dana AlAzemi
Danah AlOtaibi
Hala AlFaisal
Haneen AlOtaibi
Hebah Binyahya
Jassim AlAbbad
Lujain Kamal
Mariam AlKhatem
Maryam AlRasheedi
Rashed AlDaihani
Rawan AlMnayea
Yasmeen AlHashemi
Ahmad AlGhanim


Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! You can always reach out to us with new ideas and requests through our official channels.

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  • Address : Kuwait, Kuwait University

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